To kill a mockingbird

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  • Publicado : 29 de abril de 2010
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To Kill a Mocking Bird!

“To Kill a Mocking Bird” is novel written by Harper Lee, the story is set in the 1930s in Alabama. Scout, the protagonist, looks back on her childhood days, with explainingher life in Maycomb, where white supremacists and oppressed blacks live together.

Jem and Scout, are two children being raised by a father, who treats all around him with respect and considerationand Calpurnia, the black housekeeper.
His kids however, are also minted by the society they grow up in, a prejudiced white community, which considers poor people as “trash”, and so the kids are veryfascinated by some rumours about Arthur “Boo” Radley, a supposedly sinister, reclusive, mysterious character. With games they try to lure him into the open, because he never leaves his house.
But inthe end it turns out how wrong the children were in basing their judgement on hearsay, and that beneath the surface there is a different truth.
As a child Arthur was mistreated by his cruel father,because of that he is now afraid of the world outside his home.
Boo symbolises one of the mockingbirds in the novel – giving pleasure and never hurting others. He delights the children by leavinglittle gifts for them and, in the end, proves his virtue by saving their live from …

The case of Tom Robinson teaches Scout and Jem a difficult lesson about the nature of justice, because in contrastto fairy tales, the good does not always win.
In Maycomb, the white majority considers blacks as scarcely civilized.
Because of the presumed inferiority of blacks a sexual relationship betweenwhites and blacks is unthinkable.
Mayella Ewell, a lonely, white girl wants to have sex and so “rapes” the black Tom Robinson.
By doing that she knows that she breaks a common code of the white communityand in order to cover her own guilt takes advantage of racist attitudes by claiming assault.
As a result, the hysteria created by her false account leads to the guilty verdict of the jury at the...
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