Top ten de las computadoras

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10. SGI Altix ICE 8200EX
The SGI Altix system in Pau, France, has a capacity of 106.1 teraflops (one teraflop = one trillion operations per second). This supercomputer is run by Total Exploration Production and is the largest system housed with an industrial customer, according to Total is a gas and oil company that uses its supercomputer to do seismic depth imaging in order tolocate underground hydrocarbon reservoirs. The company reports that the massive heat from the computer is being used to warm some of the building at the center.
Site | Total Exploration Production |
System Family | SGI Altix |
System Model | SGI Altix ICE 8200EX |
Computer | SGI Altix ICE 8200EX, Xeon quad core 3.0 GHz |
Vendor | SGI |
Application area | Geophysics |
Main Memory | 20000GB |
Installation Year | 2008 |
Operating System | SLES10 + SGI ProPack 5 |
Memory | 20000 GB |
Interconnect | Infiniband |
Processor | Intel EM64T Xeon E54xx (Harpertown) 3000 MHz (12 GFlops) |

El sistema SGI Altix de Pau, Francia, tiene una capacidad de 106,1 teraflops (un teraflop = un billón de operaciones por segundo). Esta supercomputadora es usada por la empresa TotalExploration Production y es uno de los sistemas mas utilizados por un cliente industrial, seguna la pagina Total es una compañía de gas y petróleo que utiliza esta computadora para realizar imágenes sísmicas de profundidad para la búsqueda de depósitos subterráneos.

9. BlueGene/P at IDRIS
The BlueGene/P Solution system at the Institut du Développement et des Ressources en InformatiqueScientifique in Orsay, France, is just one of many IBM systems on the list. IDRIS works in partnership with another supercomputer center in Montpellier to offer its capabilities to the national scientific community.

Site | IDRIS |
System Family | IBM BlueGene |
System Model | BlueGene/P |
Computer | Blue Gene/P Solution |
Vendor | IBM |
Application area | Not Specified |Installation Year | 2008 |
Operating System | CNK/SLES 9 |
Interconnect | Proprietary |
Processor | PowerPC 450 850 MHz (3.4 GFlops) |

La BlueGene at IDRIS es uno de muchos sistemas de IBM en la lista de IDRIS el cual trabaja con otros centros que utilizan supercomputadoras para otorgar sus capacidades científicas a la comunidad científica nacional su utilidad radica en el Instituto dedesarrollo de Recursos de la Ciencia Informatica en Orsay.

8. EKA

This is the second year a supercomputer in India has broken the top 10. EKA, which means number one in Sanskrit, runs on a Hewlett-Packard system at Computational Research Laboratories, a subsidiary of Tata Sons in Pune, India. Tata Group is the largest conglomerate in India, bringing in $55 billion annually. CRL is focusedentirely on high-performance computing. EKA's power makes it ideal for molecular simulations, fluid dynamics computations and crash simulations.

System Name | EKA |
Site | Computational Research Laboratories, TATA SONS |
System Family | HP Cluster Platform 3000BL |
System Model | Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c |
Computer | Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c, Xeon 53xx 3GHz, Infiniband |
Vendor |Hewlett-Packard |
Application area | Not Specified |
Installation Year | 2008 |
Operating System | Linux |
Interconnect | Infiniband DDR |
Processor | Intel EM64T Xeon 53xx (Clovertown) 3000 MHz (12 GFlops) |

CRL Terascale system is an HPC Cluster designed based on HP Bladesystems dense computing platform populated with Intel's new Quad-core Xeon processor X5365. This has beeninstalled and commissioned at the Computational Research Laboratory (CRL)'s new datacenter located at Pune, India. CRL is a supercomputing venture by TATA group of companies and a wholly owned subsidiary of TATA Sons Ltd., the biggest Indian Industrial conglomerate.  The CRL cluster has implemented the main cluster having 1822 HP Proliant BL460c blade servers and test clusters having 197 HP...
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