Toy story 2

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Toy Story

Setting: The story takes place in Andy’s room when Andy is going to take Woody to the summer camp. And Woody that morning didn’t funded his cowboy hat. It was a perfect day to go tosummer camp. They were all desperate looking for Woody’s hat.

Plot: It all starts when Andy accidentally breaks Woody’s arm and then Andy decides to not take Woody to the summer camp. Then In agarage sale, Woody wants to save an old friend in that garage sale and accidentally one man stoles Woody from there. His toy friends go on the lookout for woody.

Conflict: His friends go on the rescueto save Woody from the arms of Al, the toy collector. And the conflict is external.

Main Characters: Secondary Characters:
1) Woody 1) Zurg 5) Slinky 9) Hamm
2) Jessie 2) Weezy6) Mr. Potato 10) Barbie
3) Buzz Ligthyear 3) Rex 7) Mrs. Potato
4) Stinky Pete 4) Bullseye 8) Evil Buzz Ligthyear

Author’s purpose: The author’s purpose is to entertain the children grownups and Adults and transmit the message that friends do care for their friends and there are always to help us whenever you need them.

Short Summary:
It all starts when Woody is stolen from agarage sale, because he wasn’t in sale but a guy taked him anyways. Then his Toy friends went on to make a plan to save woody from the arms of the guy. Woody makes a friendship with the collection oftoys of his type, the cowboy style. Then when his friends find him, one of his new friends dint want to him to him to go, so they went to save him. Then in the finish two of his new friends went to hishome and stayed with them.

Personal Opinion:
This is one of my favorite movies because I seen it a lot of times in my infancy and a lot of times when I was preparing the play for theater class. Iwas the character Zurg and I have enjoyed the play completely like I was in the movie for real, and I will for doing it again. Because it was so fun! The movie entertains a lot in every moment. It...
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