Toy story

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  • Publicado : 26 de octubre de 2010
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The movie starts with a group of toys who come to life when there are no people around to see them. The leader of one particular group oftoys, Woody, is an old-fashioned cowboy doll and the favorite of his owner, Andy.
The main characters in Toy Story 3 are Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie Hamm Rex, Mr. Potato head, Mrs. Potatohead ,Barbie, Slinky and and Andy.The Secondary characters are Andy’s Mother, Sr. Pricklepants, Ken and Lotso.
Pixar's success story begins back in 1995, when it released Toy Story whichrevolutionized animation at a stroke and turned its makers into the pioneers of a new way of cartooning. The Pixar's software has been used in a wealth of recent blockbusters, such as thefirst two Lord of the Rings, the Harry potter films, and Pearl Harbor.
Walt Disney Feature Animation makes film history be different when it releases the first full-length, all-digitalmovie, the first animation created entirely by artists using 3D computer graphics tools. The movie Toy Story is produced and created by Pixar Animation Studios. It's different from otherfeature animations because of the use of 3D tools, and it's different from other 3D animations because of its depth and breadth. Toy Story has a full cast of characters like humans, toys, andat least one dog, a total of about 76, many with speaking parts. The characters move about in a wide variety of sets and locations just as actors might in a live-action movie. They'reindoors, outdoors, at home, in cars, we see them at noon, at night, in a rainstorm, under neon lights. In all, Toy Story has about 1700 shots, and each shot has been modeled, animated,texture-mapped, shaded, lighted with a combination of proprietary and off-the-shelf computer graphics tools, It's just frame-by-frame animation, but Pixar has, somehow, inspires it with life.
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