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English Workshop 1.3

1.- Find out about future tense (will / Going to). Give definitions and examples (6 at list)

2.- Look for your own destiny (Horoscopo). Underlinefuture tenses and future words.

3.- Look for three English lyrics songs. and underline all the future sentences you found

4.- Let`s plan September. Design a calendar withall the activities you are going to do on September.

Look this example: On September 18th I am going to dance cueca.

On September 19th I am going to eat alot.

5.- Look for three English lyrics songs and underline all the future sentences you found.

6.- Dialogue. In couples perform the dialogue given by the teacher.Dialogue:

Planning a Party

(two neighbors talking)

Martha:...What horrible weather today. I'd love to go out, but I think it will just continue raining.Jane:Oh, I don't know. Perhaps the sun will come out later this afternoon.

Martha:I hope you're right. Listen, I'm going to have a party this Saturday. Would you like to come?Jane:Oh, I'd love to come. Thank you for inviting me. Who's going to come to the party?

Martha:Well, a number of people haven't told me yet. But, Peter and Mark are goingto help out with the cooking!
Jane:Hey, I'll help, too!

Martha:Would you? That would be great! 
Jane:I'll make lasagna!

Martha:That sounds delicious! I know myItalian cousins are going to be there. I'm sure they'll love it.
Jane:Italians? Maybe I'll bake a cake...

Martha:No, no. They're not like that. They'll love it.Jane:Well, if you say so... Is there going be a theme for the party?

Martha:No, I don't think so. Just a chance to get together and have fun.
Jane:I'm sure it'll be lots of fun.
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