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  • Publicado : 5 de agosto de 2010
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90% of students in grade 11 in public schools in the municipality of Puerto Tejada do not reach a high score on the Test of State (ICFES) that allow them to enter to public universities.
This sadstory is being repeated 22 years ago, while I took my profession as a teacher of English and Spanish at school José Hiliario López (20 years) and Sagrado Corazón school (2 years nowadays).
Annually295 young boys end their cycle of secondary, graduates of educational institutions: José Hiliario Lopez (60), Sagrado Corazón (60), La Milagrosa (40), Fidelina Echeverry (60), San Pedro Claver (50) andAna Cilena Arroyave (25). They are waiting to present the state test.
The most of these young people come from the poorest neighborhoods of the town (El escape, El Bajón, Granada and El Hipodromo),they are constantly fighting against their environment filled with violence and misery. Daily they go to their schools looking for tools that enable them to face and win the complex state test and thensucceed in the university, become professionals in order to bring up their families of that "hell".
The optimism, illusions, goals and beautiful dreams are frustrated when they receive the testresults (low). Score that does not allow them to entry to higher education. This test becomes a major hurdle that massacres the ideals of the youth of our town.
Poverty, hunger, violence, drugs andprostitution, among others, become obstacles that prevent these 295 students achieve their desired goal.
Family disruption prevents normal curriculum development of these 295 students and other studentsin the public educational institutions in Puerto Tejada: homes destroyed and abandoned by the father makes the mother to become head of household and forsake their children in the search for few“pesos” to enable her to buy a little sugar, half a pound of rice, some oil to bring the daily bread.
Teens reflect hunger and malnutrition in their faces are not able to perform well in their academic...