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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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Andres Felipe Valencia Benitez

Facultad de minas,Universidad Nacional sede medellin

Abstract— In this document give an littleidea of show does work the video player online “YouTube”, order to provide service to thousands of people.

Keywords — YouTube, TCP, UDP, FAT, VIDEO.

I. Introduction
In the world of thenetworks there a structure called the TCP/IP, which works with two protocols or connections primary, TCP and UDP. What is presented in this paper is a brief explanation of how does work YouTube and whattype of connection used.

The big question we have is like YouTube made to handle the amount of videos it offers and like to play it online.

First that all YouTube uses both typesof connection or protocols on its web site to provide better service.

The page that we see, the interface with which we interact, that is to say HTML data that have the presentation of the sitehandled by a connection or protocol TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is a reliable protocol, connection oriented this allows the flow of information is delivered without errors, this provides a verydirect connection. With this type of connection requests that are made easier and faster to respond.

And part of the video playback is handled by a UDP (user datagram protocol), this is anunreliable protocol and not connection oriented, where the data sent can arrive out of order or not arrives, because this system not establish a direct connection to the server, which makes is to senddatagrams to a specified address.

The main idea of this system is that the developers of YouTube divides a video into thousands of pieces to keep them in a FAT (File Allocation Table) and then accesseach segment and send it in using UDP protocol.

III. Conclusions

The protocol TCP or the scheme connection oriented is used when information is required to get complete and without errors....
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