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The secret of the Stones

Chapter One

Laura and Max are twins who live in London. These holiday they are going to stay in a cottage in a village called Stonecross. Max and Laura do not want togo. Their father says he wants to relax and their mother says there are many things to do. There is a lot of culture and a lot of mystery. Then, the twins want to go there.

Chapter Two

The nextday came Uncle Stephen and Aunt Barbara. They also were on holiday with the twins and their parents. They travel two hours. When they find the cottage, all like it, least Uncle Stephen, who lookedconfused. It seems that the place is in the mysteries’ book of Uncle Stephen.

Chapter Three

Max, Laura and their mother talk about Stephen and Sarah explains that he is a historian. In that moment,Mr. Carter appears. He is a caretaker. He looks angry. He ask if everything is fine and went to the door. Then comes Mrs. Black. She's a housekeeper: she helps cooking and cleaning. She is very niceand pretty. They all feel good.

Chapter Four

In the morning, Max and Laura decide to explore the village. The mother tells them to return home for lunch. They go to the village and they seedifferent shops. They go to the newsagent and buy two cans of coke. The shopkeeper asks them what they are doing Stonecross. She also says that it hasn’t been a good idea to come. They come out of thestore. They meet a man named Martin Knight who showed interest in Uncle Stephen. It seems strange to Laura and they go home.

Chapter Five

When the twins come home, Mrs. Black said that theStonecross’ people are very strange because they don’t see many tourists. Then the parents said they will visit Stonehenge in the afternoon. The twins agree. When they get there, they see the magnificent stonecircle. They think it is fantastic, but Uncle Stephen looks old book and see the hills and rocks, looking for any clue. At the end, they all buy a drink and Uncle Stephen keeps his book.