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Have it, you see things in a different way. You have something, and you want to keep it. Poorer men become your enemies. When you are poor, you are the servant of your empty stomach and your tornclothes. When you are rich , you are the servant of your money and your power.
Companions but not friends
The there men lived and worked together, but they were not friends. They were not togetherbecause they liked each other. They were together for a purpose. They shared work, worries ans disappointments. This often makes people friendly towards each other`s live. Even this was just part ofyhe job. It brought the companions no closer together.
Every evening they weighed the day`s gold and each took his share. It`s better this way, said howard. , with gold, you can`t trust anyome. Theother two smiled. They weresure they trusted each other, howard continued, don`t feel, hurt about this, I am right, you se. if you trust one man with the gold, one of the others might murder him.
Howcan you say that cried dobbs
Perhaps you won`t do that. But most men will , if they get the chance. Wait till we have fifty pounds of gold here. See how you feel about it then. You are no better andno worse that anyone else dobbs now I am different , I am old and I am slow I can`t run away with your gold . you can trust me but I can`t trust you
You must be a really bad man , howard said dobbsangrily if you think like that about people
No, I just know about people, that people, that`s all all men are the same when there`s gold around. They `ll be honest and obey the law when they thinksomeone may catch them. Out here there is no law. There`s only one thing to stop you from murder.
What`s that ? both dobbs and curtin asked .
Your conscience. Will the memory of your crime trouble youlater ? will your conscience keep youawake at night ? anyway, let`s share our gold every evening. Each man can hide his own gold.
Keeping the secret
They hid their mine very carefully with bushes...
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