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Nikon Transfer Version 1.5.2

Thank you for investing in a Nikon digital camera. Please read the following last minute important information.

1. If Primary Destination/Backup Destination folderalready contains files with the same name
If the Primary Destination/Backup Destination folder already contains files with the same name as files you are transferring, instead of being overwritten,the files are given trailing numbers to their names (for example: DSC_0001_1.JPG, DSC_0001_2.JPG) during transfer. If the “Backup photos” checkbox is selected, both the Primary Destination folder andthe Backup Destination folder are checked for files that may have the same name as files to be transferred. If identically named files are found, trailing numbers are added to the names of the files tobe transferred. The trailing numbers added to the file names are the same for both the Primary Destination folder and the Backup Destination folder.

2. Shooting date of movie files
If “ShootingDate” from the “Group:” drop-down list in the Thumbnails pane or from the “Group Photos” submenu on the “View” menu is selected, thumbnails are displayed by shooting date; however, this may not applyto thumbnails of movie files.

3. Pictmotion
Pictmotion thumbnails shown on Nikon Transfer do not reflect the images being used for Pictmotion. The thumbnails are icons indicating that they aremovie files.

4. Windows Vista
If you are using a Windows Vista computer, you cannot transfer images by connecting a D1 series camera to your PC. Please use devices such as card reader to transferimages.

5. my Picturetown
Images in unsupported file formats may not be uploaded properly. For information regarding supported file formats, please refer to the my Picturetown site. In addition,images cannot be uploaded when a proxy server is used in the network and the size of the image file to be uploaded exceeds the limit set for the proxy server.
File Uploader automatically starts when you...
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