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Northern High SchoolWorkshop/30%Names: ______________________________________ ______________________________________Class: _9_ Group: ___1. Write five sentences using words or phrasesfrom each of the spinners.1. _____________________________________________2. _____________________________________________3. _____________________________________________4._____________________________________________5. _____________________________________________2. Write sentences like the example.1. speak German? French.- Can you speak German? - No. I can’t speak German, but I can speak French.2. skateboard? rollerskate_________________________________________________

_________________________________________Northern High SchoolWorkshop/30% - Class: _8_ Group: ___Names:______________________________________ ______________________________________1. Write the verbs in the brackets in the present continuous.1. I am doing (do) my homework.2. My mother_____________________ (read) in the living room.3. My dad _____________________ (make) supper.4. We _____________________ (study) the planets in geography.5. __________ you ___________ (listen) to music?6. The children_____________________ (play) in the playground.7. They _____________________ (build) a new sports centre near my home.8. We _____________________ (swim) in the sea.2. Put the verbs in brackets intothe correct tense, the simple present or the present continuous. 1. – Can you help me? – I’m sorry. I am washing (wash) my hair.2. – Where’s John? – He _____________________ (have) a shower.3. Iusually _____________________ (meet) my friends after school, but today I _____________________ (study) for an exam.4. Tom _____________________ (play) football every Saturday morning.5. It’s 10o’clock on Saturday morning. Tom ______________ (play) football.6. Fred can’t play tennis at the moment. He _____________________ (help) Jane with her homework.7. Every Friday Chris __________________...
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