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Part One.
To arrange: To plan to prepare for if you care to wait I can arrange an appointment for you later today.
At the moment: At the present time now at the moment Mrs. Black is free and can see you a person who visits of calls.
Caller: All callers must go to the reception desk first to talk about to talk over.
To discuss: Let’s have lunch first and thenwe can discuss business later.
To greet: one of secretary duties is greeting callers.
Regarding: the visitor wants to see the secretary regarding and appointment.

Exercise 1.
Complete each sentence by filling in the most appropriate vocabulary word.
1. - The appointment concerns a personal matter. I wish to see Mr. Grey ______________ to discus my account.
2. - We can ____________ yourbusiness now or we can talk about it later.
3. - There are three ________ waiting in the reception area.
4. - The manager expects to be busy later, but she is not doing anything ________________.
5. - The salespeople always feel welcome at the office because the secretary enjoys ___________ to callers.
6. - Can you __________to be here by 12 noon or do you want to plan for 12:30?

Answer each question using cue given. Follow the model.
Why the manager does want to see Mr. Jones? (Regarding the new account) the manager wants to see Mrs. Jones regarding the new account.
1. - How does sales manager find the arrangements (satisfactory)

2. - Who makes an appointment for tomorrowmorning? (The caller)

3. - Why does she arrange the meeting?

4. - Are you free to come to the phone now?

5. - What is one of the receptionist’sjobs?


Word Study
1. - To arrange arrangement: a plan or preparation I make all the travel arrangements.
2. - Caller to call on: To visit someone I am going to pay a call on the accountant.
To call up: call up the office as soon as you arrive.
To call in: please call in Mr. White. I can see him now. To goget someone.
To call for: I will call for you at eight so we can have dinner together.
3. - To discus discussion: an informal talk. We are going to have a discussion on office procedure.
4. - To greet greeting: an expression of welcome my greeting to the customers at the door is friendly and informal.
5. - regarding regardless: in spite of regardless of the bad weather, we can be there ontime.
6.-satisfactory to satisfy: to please this new billing system will satisfy the customers.
Satisfaction: contentment, state of being pleased, when I sell a big order, I feel great satisfaction.
Uri satisfactory: an appointment at 9 is unsatisfactory I prefer to meet at 10.

Complete each sentence by choosing the most appropriate word from the list below.
Appointment, call on,satisfactory, arrange, arrangement, call for, satisfaction, greet, regardless, call in, regarding, greeting.
1. - In dealing with customers, we try give complete ______________ 2. - I will come to your house and _________ you at seven. Please be ready to leave. 3. - She always gives me a pleasant _________when I arrive.4. - A good secretary tries to finish the work. _____________ of how it gets. 5. - the employer __________ the secretary for dedication. 6. - When I am in the city next time, I am going to ________you....
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