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This skill is the strongest that I have, because as everybody around the world knows, Latin American people are the best dancers in the world and Colombians are the best of them.
I wouldlike to show, share and teach how to dance as many rhythms as possible that I know such as, Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton and others. I consider that this skill is enough for me to teach and shareeasier than other, for I have had the opportunity to practice it more than the others, here in Colombia this skill is practiced every day in every place we are in, as the music and the dancing area characteristics of our daily life.

Since I was a child, I always wanted to be a photographer and to have a camera to take pictures of every single thing around me. While I was growing,technology was changing a lot. Cameras was not analog anymore, they were digital and this also revolution the industry because everything already managed by computers.
I am emerged in the worldof technology and obviously in photography, I have had the opportunity to teach my friends how to use and manage a camera, how to take a picture and to edit it on the computer with somesoftware as CorelDraw and, Photoshop and how to take a good picture depending the angle this is located, also I have taught this to other people that wanted to learn that.
For these reason Iconsider that is good for both, I as a camp counselor and them as a campers that this skill could be a good option to advantage in the camp.

Really, as I have not had the opportunity to be a guidemovement neither boy scout, I would like to enjoy with things like activities of connivance, games and also to know new people who I can practice my knowledge in certain fields such as Dancing,Photography, Outdoor cooking and also things that can be good for both me and them like to sahre my histories from he COlombia, share my culture and everything as possible as they can catch.
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