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Article 5
philosophy: the educational institution medellin council bases its training proposal in the following philosophical principles:

-a social and educational inclusion: why the populationof this sector of the city, she joined the education service, to receive a comprehensive training program, and the atencionque required, within the regular services offered, brindadndo special supportspedagocigico character, and technological necessary to form it in the academic and technical.

-integral human development: by which it is recognized that conditions be created for the pedagogythat all people can fully develop their potential, meet their interests and achieve the realization of human values, ethical, intellectual, cultural, environmental and social.

-opportunity andbalance: according to which the educational service must be organized and provide a way for easier access, continuity and an adequate supply of people. giving priority to those who by their situation ofdisplacement and social risk have been dropouts and who have no other alternatives for their education in formal education programs.

La institución educativa concejo de Medellín has the primaryobjective integral formation of persons in the principles of human dignity, social inclusion and education, knowledge and ethical values of respect, responsibility, autonomy, justice and solidarity to beresponsible citizens with themselves and with others, in summary, is seeking full human form, focusing on respect for human dignity, social inclucion scientific and technical knowledge.

Article 6principles: la institución educativa takes the following action-oriented principles of education:

-human dignity: the intrinsic value, not independent of external factors, unforgettable character,natural and proper for every man.

-inclusion: is to respect and value the unique dimension that each student and each person brings to the institution. a right of learning by all, regardless of...
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