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The story begins with memories of the Aviator, a character from whose point of view tells the action. This is a character who has felt since childhood thatdoes not fit the formal and pragmatic (difficult word by the way) world that adults have created. Their views are different: where he saw an elephant inside a snake, others saw a hat.
As an adult, theAviator prefer air travel for long before the company of his partners. During one of these flights, the aircraft suffered a malfunction and was forced to descend in the Sahara desert, where he meetsthe Little Prince.
The Prince is a boy who looks eight years old, blond and dressed in clothes appropriate to their rank, obviously a prince. As befriends the Aviator, asks him to paint a lamb.Doubting his qualities as an artist, the Aviator draws the elephant inside the snake from his childhood or childhood memories which is recognized by the Prince, who insists that you make a drawing of alamb. After several unsuccessful attempts, the Aviator draws a box with holes, telling the Prince that the lamb is inside. The Prince approved the drawing and stays with him.
During the time it takesto repair his plane Aviator, received the visits of the Prince, who reveals that comes from another planet, which he describes as "very small". That´s so cute right teacher? jeje.
The Prince decidesto leave their planet, and decides to take the flight of a flock of birds (I don´t know how) to leave their world. The Little Prince tells the Aviator in the world grow a "baobab tree" on Earthreach enormous proportions, but in the prince's planet are just little bushes. The Prince revealed as to what needs to lamb: to eat the leaves of the baobab and these do not end with their planet.
TheAviator recalls other aspects of the personality of the Prince, like his loneliness, melancholy and taste to see sunsets, especially when he feels sad.
The Prince began a tour of other asteroids. The...
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