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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2011
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Bryant Linares

Writing Skills
07 September 2008
Your Either In or Your Out
We live in a superficial life in which the way we look counts. Our bodies should look accordingto what is in style. Nowadays more people admire models for their specific size, where being fit is all that matters. Fitness and exercise are just a way of loosing weight, but now there is a millionoptions to maintain your in body shape. Media influences us to look a certain way by taking any risk to represent an image.
In a perfect world we would all love each other as the way we are,unfortunately we live by what we see. We are attached to the good things and we do anything in order to have them. We are visually drawn to what the media provides to us via advertisements, commercials, etc.In fact we tend to try to look like someone that we are not. Just as the media shows models in what they believe a person should be like, we follow their ideals and do all that is in are hands tobecome more like them.
As each day goes by our media works in a further extent to push in what they feel is what people should be like. The fashion industry has been a strong point in the media as itis nowadays. Media and fashion work hand by hand in order to introduce the latest trends. Trends which come with a cost, yet not just the expense of the outfit but the size in you should be in order towear the piece of clothing. Advertisements promote how thin bodies insinuate any type of apparel. More people feel influenced to look a certain way and take any initiative to get there bodies there.Linares2
Models are a great representation of what human figures should appear to be like; therefore the entertainment industry shows this concept throughout many commercials. Televisionbroadcasters have a wide spread of commercials that mainly show how the having the slimmest body is best. From acne commercials to high end runway shows; most if not all models show off there ultra thin...
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