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1st Tutorial.

* In what aspects does Cali need to improve?
Cali needs to improve several aspects in order to become a cultured city and civic. Meanwhile, I would suggest starting by publictransportation.

* What aspects should Caleños change?
The city has implemented massive public transportation system (MIO) and for this to be successful, people must adapt to new schedules toarrive on time to their destinations either work or study in comfort.
Thus, the buses do not seem canned food wrappers, and become a cultured city.
Furthermore, it is the responsibility of people thatthe city is clean and safe. If we all contribute a little of this, we will have more space to share with our families and enjoy our money.

* How did previous mayors help in the improvement of ourcity?
For the mayors who have been through Cali, would have been helpful if the people instead of criticizing everything as they strive to communicate their concerns and what they wanted for thecity.

* How much has our city changed in the past 5 years?
5years ago there was people working like a public transport in particular cars. Moreover, these buses were somewhat uncomfortable. For2005 it began to implement the mass transit system MIO who would give solution to these problems.
Now, after 5years, we see the improvement that has occurred in this system when the MIO bus stations arefixed and the time from one place to another is greatly reduced.

2nd Tutorial.

* What kind of transformation does Cali need?
Cali needs more cultural places where the people can go to enjoythe time and the money with their families.

* Prepare a 8 question survey on different issues on Cali’s development.
1. Do you like to live in Cali? Yes__ No__

2. Do you think thatCali is safe? Yes__ No__

3. Do you like the new massive system public transportation? Yes__ No__

4. Would you like to have more cultural places in Cali? Yes__ No__

5. How do you help...
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