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  • Publicado : 15 de febrero de 2011
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Click here to copy the magazine cover, Right click on the image and copy it, open up Photoshop and paste the image into your work area. Make sure you have two layers one with the Simpson'smagazine cover and your background layer. Change the background layer color to #c0c0c0

Now Hold CTRL and click on the magazine layer to select it, so it looks like the image below.[pic][pic]
Click on the Polygonal Lasso Tool [pic]  and select subtract from selection option. [pic]Subtract from your selection using the polygonal lasso tool as shown below

Subtract from your selectionuntil you have only the edge of the magazine selected. Make sure you are still on the magazine layer and with the edge still selected press you delete key. If you did it right your image will look likemy image below.

Now hold CTRL and click on your layer to select it, click on the Rectangular Marquee Tool and set the selection to Subtract From Selection [pic].
|[pic]| |

At this point your selection should look like the image on the right. Create a new layer, Click on theGradientTool [pic] usually hiding behind the paint bucket tool and apply the setting below.


color:#73726d      color:#FFFFFF          color:#9f9fa1      color:#9f9fa1
Apply the gradient from top going down tothe point of your selection as shown in the image below. The
| | |
|Gradient Direction|Gradient |

Still on the same layer and with your selection still selected click on the Elliptical  MarqueeTool  [pic] select subtract from selection option [pic] and subtract from your selection to get the curve as shown below.

When your selection looks like the image above press SHIFT+CTRL+I  to inverse your...
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