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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2011
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My favorite author Stephenie Meyer is the creator of one of the best selling saga, Twilight. This consists of four books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and one of my favorites is thefirst Twilight.
The book begins with the arrival of Isabella Swan in Forks, a girl of seventeen who has lived with his mother in Phoenix. He is married to Phil, a baseball player and his work have totravel constantly, so you decide to move with her father Charlie in Forks. The first day of school
For some friends, and most importantly called attention to a group of five boys pale, beautiful, notrelated to anyone called Cullen. Later, Bella is the same as dinner partner in biology class with Edward Cullen, one of five boys and from the moment you feel attracted to. At first Edward is behavingcoldly to her, but then come closer and increasingly are attracted to each other, until Bella learns his secret: Edward is a vampire, but does not feed on humans but aninmales, but Bella decides hedoes not care and can not get away from him because this unconditional love with him. Spend their days and one night went to see Bella the Cullens play a baseball game. In the middle game, comes a newclan of vampires different from the Cullens. They feed on humans. One of them tries to attack Bella, but defend Cullen. From then on a real hunt begins to find her. The Cullens try to hide Bella takingher far away from Forks and mislead the vampire. The vampire tricks Bella into thinking that has kidnapped her mother, falling into the trap. Bella manages to escape the care of Alice and Jasper thatwere protected. After the flight, the vampire meets voluntarily to free his mother, but realizes that everything was a hoax and that her mother was not there, it was all a ploy to attract and enjoydoing it its sangre.Bella is tortured and beaten by the vampire, who gets bitten on the hand and inject venom. When Bella regains consciousness, he hears Edward just come right along with the rest of...
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