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  • Publicado : 26 de abril de 2011
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Respect Racism and Magnitude
Respect, racism, and magnitude are three topics that affect many people directly in many ways. I think that respect is a fundamental element for a healthy life and a peaceful society. I think racism exists because human race tends to feel superior that others. The differnt casts, traditions and religions, should be the reason of unity. I consider Martin LutherKing a man of magnitude because he fought for the civil rights of African Americans and persuade people to end racial segregation with non-violent methods in the United States. Racism, respect and magnitude are all important factors to a good world leadership. Racist people, have no respect for themselves or others, because I think when you offend others, you are actually offending yourself.People with principles, people with values, know how to respect everyone. These people, are the ones that make a big difference in the world and leave a mark, these are people of magnitude. Racism is a problem that starts scince poeple start judging others because they look different than themselves. Respect is a value that exists within humans, it is something you should show to everyone that givesyou the same respect you give them. Martin Luther King promoted equality of casts with non-violent methods in the United staes because african americans were discriminated against. He managed to give black people the rights they deserved. He beacame a civil rights activist very early and he has done amazing things scince 1955 like the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Respect is anattitude of admiration and deference towards a person or thing. I think that respect is a fundamental element for a healthy life and a peaceful society. First you have to start by respecting yourself. Then by accepting who you are and where you come from.also respecting your body and mind is fundamental for respect. If you are a person who excercices, eats healthy, respects their culture andcustoms, and has a healthy realtionship with friends and family, you have the basics for respect. When you respect people around you, you are creating a healthy environment and people are going to treat you the way you treat them; with respect. For example, if you treat your parents without respect, you insult them, so don´t expect to be treated well because you are going to have consequences andpunishments for that lack of respect. This creates an un healthy environment at your home and with your family because there is no harmony. Respecting other poeple and their things is also fundamental for respect. Religion and customs are very valuable things that should be always respected. Not respecting these things can create problems, big or small, like an arguement between two people or a warbetween countries. Even if you don’t believe or follow their religions and customs you should respect them as they respect you. Racism and sexism is a severe problem. You can see how there is no respect for this cultures or genders. Wars and problems are consequences for this acts of disrispect. Poeple shouldn’t be judged by their looks or customs or religions. Everybody has the right to be respectedand accepted no matter what skin color they have or what god they believe or what custom they follow. Nazis had no respect for people different than them, they believed they were better. They disc riminated, exploited and killed poeple just because they had different religions and/or believes. The KkK did the same thing with Afro-American people. Killing or discriminating because of skin color iswrong and very disrispectful. We can see how respect is fundamental for a peaceful society. Everyday you practice respect in your house, in school, at work. It is our decision to use respect with other people and with ourselves. Respect brings peace, unity, equality, love, etc. Respect is the foundation for a good realtionship. At home, respect is something you see everyday. Your parent’s...
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