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The story of Kamamuri
Kamamuri, one elephant of forty years old naturally in elephant years thank: What about me? My life is happy? I don´t like, exist one magic world when I be happy? . In a longtime Kamamuri continued thinking about his life.
After thank one important decision came to the mind of Kamamuri the solitary elephant, the elephant took three important objects for him and go outto the Chapultepec Zoo. That things was one small and shiny mirror, one special diary when his days in the zoo was writing and when he wish write new stories, the last object was the most important asilver coin which his friend the duck gave in his birthday.
Kamamuri determined to find the happiness walked in the streets of Mexico City. When Kamamuri go out to the zoo he looked some guys andgirls played in the park, they was very happy. He decided that guys looked very happy and decided to ask: Where can he found him happiness? The guys gave and special talisman and they asked that hesearched for the happiness he had only turn the talisman three times I from the mayor Temple in the center of Mexico City.
The sad elephant walked as far as found the Mayor Temple and turns the talismanthree times suddenly the contour changed the old and magnifies Temple transform in a new and enormous Aztec Temple. Before he could walk one noisy thunder fell on the Temple and one enormous andbeautiful feather snake go down the sky and said with a stronger voice that Kamamuri can visit this world every time that he want but he never but never have to talk about this world, If he talked heshould died.
Kamamuri in his despair he accept and in this moment he was the elephant more happy in the world but he never imagine the magnify world that he discovered every day. One day in the zooarrived one small elephant her name was Alkaid she comes to Europe.
Alkaid hoped that in her new home find new friends with who live some adventures. However did not she found one elephant immersed in...
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