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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2010
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Danna Krouham Mr. Hennessy
May 22, 2010 WH II 1B

Soviet Union Crash and Burn

After World War II and the defeat of the Nazism the USA and the USSR had remained allies.Disruption between peace began over the dispute of German territory; which was divided into east, German Democratic Republic, and west, the Federal Republic of Germany. Tension began since 1947 whenthe US and the USSR began fighting over weather Germany remained communist under Soviet rule, or entirely capitalist. Thereby, the Soviet Union was to blame for the start of the Cold War in 1949 dueto the domination over Eastern European territories, the Berlin Airlift, and the capture of Francis Gray.
World War II was not completely finished, British, American, and Soviet leaders met at theYalta Conference. This is the time in which the three superpowers agreed to distribute Germany into different parts controlled by the Allies and others by the Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin agreed to giveEastern European countries free elections but that promise did not last long. The USSR had a terrible fear of being invaded by western countries. Due to the fact that they lack natural westernborders, Stalin ignored the Yalta agreement and overpowered neighboring western countries by establishing a communist government in each country. Ignoring the pact altered the United States and this createdeven more tensions between the US and USSR. The “iron curtain” was created which represented the division in Europe of democratic west, and communist east. The United States adopted a policy calledcontainment, which blocked Soviet influenced and the expansion of communism.
After the United States aided sixteen European countries by the Marshall Plan, the United States clashed with the SovietUnion over Germany. Germany was divided into east and west; the western part was again divided into three parts, which one belonged to France, one to Britain and the last to the United States....
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