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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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jesus: Hello Mr. Bear this day I interviewed for the subject of English in my school
Bear: ok get started

jesus, what is your name?
Bear: My name is Bear babosito

jesus: how old?
Bear: Ihave 5 years of age

jesus: where are you?
Bear: I come from Japan, a major exporter of stuffed toys

jesus: you are married?
Bear: If an owl entoy married and am well happy

jesus: you havechildren?
Bear: If I have frogs

jesus: you have brothers?
Bear: If I have but unfortunately the ship that exploded and I we were transported fuy the only survivor
jesus: ohhh no sorry but the bearbegan to mourn
Bear: Fuck you asshole
jesus: forgiveness, well let's
Bear: ok

jesus, how many brothers you have?
Bear: I had 2 brothers

jesus, that's what you think of mexico?
Bear: is agreat country but the downside is that it has a lousy electoral system and a terrible Precident

jesus, that's what you like about Mexico?
Bear: What I like are the tourist places like the base ofscience and technology and the Plaza Athens. I always find there some stuffed animals that I'm going to take my Clamatos

jesus, that visited places in mexico?
bear, and visited almost all the Mexicanrepublic but the place that I like is the federal district


jesus, now I want totalk about your favorite things
Bear: ok
jesus: What is your favorite sport?
Bear: My favorite sport is porn star ohh noo forgiveness
my favorite sport is tennis

jesus: What is your favoritemovie?
Bear: land of bears 1 and 2

jesus: what your favorite food?
Bear: I like to fish

jesus: What is your favorite animal?
Bear: Bears

jesus: What is your favorite color?
bear, the whitejesus: What is your favorite club
Bear: I like literature clubs and drawing porn

jesus: What are your hobbies
Bear: reading watching anime. hentai etc

jesus: What is your favorite actor...
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