Una pasion contagiosa

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Elizabeth Ainscough
Research paper
BMGT 364/0509/6382

A Contagious Passion:

Why should a leader develop other leaders?

January 13, 2006


Purpose – To show the importance of having good leaders train and develop a team of leaders.

Design/methodology/approach – A range publications (1993-2005) which aim to provide an understanding of leadership development, is reviewed.Sources are used to provide historical examples of how leadership development has taken place effectively over time.

Findings – This research paper describes the concepts and foundations of leadership. It identifies the reason why leadership needs to be transmitted from one leader to another. It identifies the facts why leadership development is essential to keep on with the mission andvision that good leaders have and reaching out not only followers but a team of leaders.

Additionally, real world examples are provided to present the benefits of training and forming leaders.

Originality/value – This research paper fulfills the need of leaders who have the contagious passion of leading others and teaching the future generations to lead.

Keywords – Leadership, development,training.


Good leaders are those who are able to choose, develop and grow other leaders. Their work would be accomplished once they see the leader or the many leaders they have developed, forming other leaders, replacing them in the organization and carrying out the mission and their vision. It is important that good leaders, those who are road model leaders, train and formother potential leaders, share with them their knowledge, best practice and teach them how to grow into the art of leadership. Generally good leaders prepare the way and their follower leaders appreciate the results.

Definition of a Leader

A person that is able to influence a follower. A leader can not exist without a follower.

Definition of a Follower

An individual who followsanother individual accepted as his or her leader.

Definition of Mission and Vision

The mission of an organization is a statement that expresses the reason of the organization’s existence and the kind of activity the organization will pursue. In summary, it is what the organization does and why it exits.

The vision or purpose is the view that the leader has about what the organization can doand should become if it succeeds with its mission. Therefore leaders envision the future and share their vision to their followers. They figure out what needs to be done in order to achieve the organization’s mission.

Leaders feel passion for their vision and make incredible efforts to contagious their passion to their followers.

Who are leaders? Are they born or learn to be leaders?According to Avolio, some people are born to make an impact over the world. They are like God’s gift to mankind. However, other leaders are born key attributes like high energy, exceptional intelligence, persistence, self confidence and have a talent called “charisma” that makes them capable to influence others.

Nevertheless, potential leaders can learn the art of leadership. Once they developthemselves they need to display the following attributes:

• Reflect integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, credibility, and competence.
• Be consistent in the decision making process. Decisions should be transparent, using the same criteria as this builds respect and trust within the team.
• Demonstrate loyalty, passion, keep what they promises and tell the truth.
•Maintain a high code of ethics.
• Display charisma.
• Inspire others and reflect enthusiasms in the work, coming across with an optimistic attitude.
• Practice the power of motivation full of energy.
• Understand the mission, have a clear vision and is committed to accomplishing their goals.
• Able to understand the cultural boundaries.
• Use emotional intelligence....
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