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Kidnapping is a big problem, there are a lot of people that is under threat, and they are afraid for themselves and their families. The real problem of this isthat most of the people know that the kidnappers are the police themselves, or in one of the cases was the own member of the family, and not always all the people do that to earn money.There are people that kidnap for revenge or for political problems.

Kidnapping, is one of the biggest examples of both a revenge and political problem.

In some cases, an own memberof the family is involved, but there was a problem, there were not only some members of the family. There were also involved some political groups that share the same ideology, and theypractice kidnapping to get money and continue with their political ideas. But even when you have political problems, you would always find the economical factor in relation to kidnappings. I amaware that there also many kidnappings that are done just for money.

The strange thing about this man is that he comes from a working class family, and that means that his family hasnothing to do with political things, and that shows us that the kidnappings are not only because political problems, or revenge, but also because there are some of this groups that only want ismoney, and this group that kidnapped this men shows us that.

As I said before, there are a lot of kidnappings.. No matter what is the reason of the kidnapping “political, revenge and/ ormoney” that would not change until we change the people that are doing that and everyone from the inside of the government or something that has to do with political things. Most of theproblem is that all the groups of police that have to take care of that are part of these too, and we need to try to find a more efficient group that would really work in the correct way.
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