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Office of the Chief Information Officer


Project Management Handbook Appendices
Version 1.0


Project Charter Template

Scope Statement Template

Project Management Plan Template

Cost Management Plan Template

Earned Value ManagementDefinitions

Scope Management Plan Template

Work Breakdown Structure Example

Quality Management Plan Template

Project Communications Plan Template

Change Management Plan Template

Risk Management Plan Template

Risk Control Form Template

Risk Management Log Template

Staffing Management Plan Template

Procurement Management Plan Template

ProjectCloseout Report Template

Project Charter Template

|[pic] |Project Charter |
| |Project Name: |
| |Date:|
| |Point of Contact: |
| | |
| ||

The following are suggested sections for the Project Charter


The signatures of the people below relay an understanding in the purpose and content of this document by those signing it. By signing this document you agree to this as the formal Charter statement sanctioning work to begin on the projectdescribed within.

|Position/Title |Name |Date |Phone Number |
| | | | |
| | || |
| | | | |


Describe the purpose of the Project charter using the following guidelines. Do not merely describe the content of the plan, but explain why a Charter is necessary for the projectThe purpose of the (XYZ) project charter is to communicate the authorization for the project and the management approach to project participants and external entities. The project charter lays the groundwork for informed decisions and planning regarding projection direction, outcomes and delivery.

Project Objective

Define the objectives of the project as they relate to the goals andobjectives of the organization along the following guidelines

The [Project] will support the following [Organization] strategic goals. For each goal, [Project] objectives are identified. The project plan developed as a result of this project charter will:

▲ Develop a project performance measurement plan to measure performance against these objectives.

▲ Provide a projectperformance report to report the results.
The [external oversight committee] must approve the project performance measurement plan.

|Organization Strategic Goals |Project Objectives |
| | |