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Course 1

Unit 1 What’s…?; It’s…

What’s you name? My name’s Victor Lopez
What’s you e-mail address? It’s
What’s your phone number? It’s 646-555-3048

What’s = What is name’s = name is It’s = It is

Unit 2 The verb be: he, she, and they

Jun is at work. Jun is not here. Is Jun here?
He’s at work. He’s not here. Yes heis. / No, He’s not

Laura’s sick. Laura’s not in class. Is she sick?
She’s sick. She’s not in class. Yes, she is. / No. she’s not.

Kim and Phong are late Kim and Phong are not here. Are they late?
They’re late They’re not here. Yes, they are. / No, they’re not

Laura’s = Laura is He’s = He is
She’s = She is They’re = They are

This an these; noun plurals

This is an MP3 player.These are sunglasses. Regular plurals Irregular plurals
bag bags man men
What’s this? What are these? watch watches woman women
It’s an MP3 player They’re sunglasses dictionary dictionaries child childrenkey keys
Is this your watch? Are these your keys?
Yes, it is. Yes, they are. Some nouns are only plural:
No, it’s not. No, they’re not. Jeans, scissors, glasses, sunglasses

Questions with where; possessives ´S andS´

Where’s Mario’s homework? It’s on the floor. Mario’s homework
Where’s the teacher’s coat? It’s on the desk. The teacher’s glasses
Where are the student’s papers? They’re on the floor. Three students´ papers

Where’s = Where is

Unit 3 Be in statements; possessive adjectives

I’m a Sean Penn fan. My favorite actor is Sean Penn.You’re a tennis fan. Your favorite sport is tennis.
He’s an actor. His new movie is great.
She’s a famous singer. Her voice is amazing.
We’re Giants fans. Our favorite team is the Giants.
They’re tennis players. Their matches are exiting.
Yes – No questions andanswers; negatives

Am I late? Yes, you are. No, you’re not. You’re not late
Are you busy? Yes, I am. No, I’m not. I’m not busy.
Is he tired? Yes he is. No, he’s not. He’s not tired.
Is she strict? Yes, she is No, she’s not. She’s not strict. (My boss isn’t strict)
Is it hard work?Yes, it is. No, it’s not. It is not hard work.
Are we late? Yes, we are. No, we’re not. We’re not late.
Are they nice? Yes, they are. No, they’re not. They’re not nice. (My co-workers aren’t nice)

Information question with be.

How are you? Who’s this? How are your parents?
I’m fine.It’s my grandmother They’re fine, thanks.

Where are you from? Where’s she from? Where are today?
I’m from Florida. She’s from Texas. They are at home.

How old are you? What’s she like? What are their names?
Twenty-three. She’s very smart Linda and CarlosUnit 4 Simple present statements

I eat breakfast. I don’t eat lunch Verb endings: he, she, it
You have coffee. You don’t have tea get get´s
We get up late. We don’t get up early watch watches
They read the paper...
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