Ventajas y desventajas

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El Estudio inteligente del diccionario.
Undoubtedly, everyone wishes to develop the ability to express himself very clearly, fluently and accurately. One of the ways of getting that ability isskillful and intelligent lise of the dictionary. It is through the good and often use of it that we may have confidence in our power of communication in this world of today.
People often thinkthat a dictionary is used only to look up the meaning of unfamiliar words. They are wrong; it is only a part of the truth, since it is well known that there are many other facts about the study ofthe words that may be learned from a good dictionary. In this little or big book we can find how words are pronounced, how words are spelled, how we form and conform the plural of nouns, how wordsare put together in order to form compound words. We may also learn about synonyms of words; about the prefixes and suffixes, and about the part of speech a word is, and there are yet some otherfunctions a good dictionary may have, such as, information about abbreviations, the principal part of the verbs, and the degrees of comparison of adjectives and adverbs, only to name some of them,since really it isn’t difficult to find a lot very valuable information in any dictionary you may get in the place where you live.
But, before closing we should emphatically recommend you to havevery close to you, at least, the smallest and cheapest of the dictionaries that you have been able to find.

La gente suele pensar que un diccionario sólo se utiliza para buscar elsignificado de palabras desconocidas. Se equivocan, es sólo una parte de la verdad, ya que es bien sabido que hay muchos otros datos sobre el estudio de las palabras que se puede aprender de unbuen diccionario. En este libro, pequeño o grande que podemosencontrar cómo se pronuncian las palabras, cómo las palabras se escriben, cómoformar y conformar el plural de los sustantivos, cómo las palabras se...
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