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  • Publicado : 18 de junio de 2011
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English American Project level 1.

Presented for:
Néstor Daniel Giraldo Alzate.

Irina Margarita Feria Marrugo.

Course: 228909

Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje SENA.

Idevelop of the proposed activities:

* 1.Daily routine:

Every day in the morning I get up at 5 o'clock of the morning, I take a bath and breakfast, then I revise my motorcycle and I gotoward my work that is in a farm. There acting diverse works and one of them is to revise the state of the animals, which is the one that but I like. I sing to the animals and play with them duringseveral hours. At 1:00 in the afternoon we eat lunch we have time of sleeping, but I am devoted to study English, after 1 hour of rest we continue with you finish them works of the day, I usually applymedications to the sick animals and I always make sure that they have food for the rest of the night. At 5 o'clock of the afternoon finish my works and I leave toward my house to pass the rest of theday with my family, and I help my children to make the tasks. At 9 o'clock of the night go to bed to sleep to begin a new day.

* 2. Answers:

1) He listens to the radio. (Often)
Answer: Helistens often to the radio.
2) They read a book. (Sometimes)
Answer: Sometimes they read a book.
3) Pete gets angry. (Never)
Answer: Pete gets never angry.
4) Tom is very friendly. (Usually)Answer: Usually Tom is very friendly.

5) I take sugar in my coffee. (Sometimes)
Answer: Sometimes I take sugar in my coffee.
6) Ramon and Frank are hungry. (Often)
Answer: Ramon and Frank are oftenhungry.
7) My grandmother goes for a walk in the evening. (Always)
Answer: My grandmother always goes for a walk in the evening.
8) Walter helps his father in the kitchen. (Usually)
Answer: Walterusually helps his father in the kitchen.
9) They watch TV in the afternoon. (Never)
Answer: They never watch TV in the afternoon.
10) Christine smokes. (Never)
Answer: Christine never smokes.
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