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  • Publicado : 21 de marzo de 2011
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Causes of the war in vietnam

* Cold War is over and the situation is very tense
* the search for new weapons and an aggressive attitude by the powers
* the division ofVietnam into two camps
* The U.S. intervention in the government of South Vietnam

Consequences of the Vietnam War

* U.S. army had a large number of deaths
* Pacifism born with the hippiemovement
* Rejection of those who participated in the war and many wounded
* much poverty
* Vietnam becomes communist
Vietnam war is also known as the Second Indochina War.

This was awar between 1964 and 1975 involving the Republic of Vietnam or South Vietnam was backed by the U.S. against North Vietnam which was supported by the communist bloc.
This war was distinguished by thefact that there were no front lines so there were no limits to either side, so it appeared the search and destroy missions, as well as the massive bombing.
Start the Vietnam War a lot of problems inthe American country, because the
society was divided were signed peace agreement in Paris in 1973 which caused the withdrawal of U.S. troops, however this does not put an end the conflict butpersisted until 1975, Saigon and forced to take the surrender of South Vietnamese troops.
So the July 2, 1776 the communist government is established and acquires the name of Socialist Republic of VietnamOne of the most amazing book was the number of deaths, about 8 million people the vast majority civilians, and also broke a lot of environmental damage that is labeled as the most bloody conflictafter the Second World War.
For the U.S. was the longest conflict in its history, but created a sense of defeat or Vietnam syndrome in people because of what it saw on film and in general.

TheVietnamese were to be men and women who stand out for their tenacity and willingness to overcome and defeat anyone who put them in front.
During the war, the Vietnamese had to eat anything,...
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