Villa cafe

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  • Publicado : 16 de febrero de 2012
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Villa Café
Story of Coffee
The turbulent history of coffee has left a deep imprint on El Salvador’s history, politics and development. No other country in the region has depended as deeply oncoffee. For many years, indigo had been El Salvador’s most important export crop. In the 1880s, coffee surpassed indigo as the leading export crop and was viewed as the path to progress and development.Indeed, coffee created both great wealth for the landed elite as well as opportunities to rule. 
In the 1920’s and 1930’s, coffee exports alone totaled 90% of all of the country’s exports. However,what seemed a smart strategy during boom years appeared foolish during downturns, and the global depression of the 1930’s pushed El Salvador to the brink. With coffee prices dropping to one-third ofprevious levels, coffee producers cut wages by half while others dismissed their workers altogether. Coffee rotted in the fields, while rural unemployment skyrocketed. Rural discontent turned to anger.For three days in January 1932, tens of thousands of peasants organized an open insurrection in western El Salvador.
Story of Villa Café
Villa Café it was founded in 1929 on Santa Ana, San Salvador.I started with my little piece of land in Santa Ana that was left by my great-grandfather. My industry only had a little piece of land and a mini office. With my family I had a worker that was thehelper of my dad in everything he needed. We started as a hobby, but one we were thinking with my dad to do a big industry of coffee, it started as a hobby but it ended as a dream.
In 1935, we werealready a famous industry, every industry of crops wanted to associate with us. We bought so many lands close to our little plantation, and years go by we had an amazing industry, known in all America.In 1940 China wanted to associate with us, but it was starting a period of decline. In 1941 we went with my dad to México, because we had a very important reunion. And we taught what if we start a...
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