Virus y bacterias

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Criminal Procedure 107
Essay portion of Final
Professor F. Richard Manzano, J.D.

Answer each question as completely as possible. The exam should be submitted as a file attachment (see instructions under final assignments) to this assignment.

Due: By 11:00 am, 5/19/11

To receive full credit, explain your answers and give examples where appropriate. You must submit your answer in thecomment box. Do not attach files as they will not be opened.

1. Define jurisdiction (including the various types.) Explain how jurisdiction is obtained over subject matter and the person. Explain how jurisdiction is different than venue.

|Item |Points |Comment ||Each type of jurisdiction is defined | /25 |Subject Matter- jurisdictions refers to the matter of |
| | |the claim. It gives the court the power to hear and |
| ||determine cases of the general class to which the |
| | |proceedings in question belong. An example of subject |
| | |matter jurisdiction is a divorce case one spouse must |
|| |have lived in the county in which the court is held for|
| | |a certain period of time. |
| | ||
| | |Personal Jurisdiction-is the power of the court to hear|
| | |and determine lawsuits involving a person due to the |
| ||fact that the person had contact with the place that |
| | |the court is located. It gives the courts the authority|
| | |in civil cases. For example, in order for the court to |
|| |have personal jurisdiction over a person has to be |
| | |served personally by the state. Jurisdiction is |
| | |different than venuebecause venue is the most |
| | |convenient location for trial of the case. Example of |
| | |venue is a criminal case. A criminal case is going to |
|| |take place in the county where the crime was committed.|
| | |Jurisdiction is more localized within the boundaries of|
| | |a nation or state. |...
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