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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2012
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A visit to Chicago
When you go to the United States, you will probably hear that every city is just as equal as any other in the country. That is understandable if you have alreadygone there, but in case you have not, there is one town you cannot stop going to; it is Chicago. This is one of the most famous cities in America, and also in the world, being commonlycalled “The Windy City”.
In Chicago lies a musical legacy that has been strengthened year by year. The Blues has been hosted in this town since its early years, when working people fromsouthern territories came up with it. Every summer, the most important blues festival takes place in the downtown, where very important blues bands found each other.
Going to thedowntown becomes a great time when you take your money. The heart of Chicago is full of all kind of stores. You can get from a baguette to a HD television.
The Lake Michigan is anattractive place to pass an enjoyable evening. It is able to swim in a non-salted beach being safely watched by coastguards. Just watch out yourself if you go to the beach in winter. Watermight get frozen.
Sports have a huge relevance in Chicago City, especially baseball. Chicago hosts two of the most popular teams in the US; white sox and cubs. It is a say when you areasked to choose one of them, to become a real Chicago person.
The Chicago’s pizza style contains the stickiest cape of cheese, making this delicious plate a pleasant experience for theguests.
Food, sports, beach and sun, music and more different stuff make this city a little bit different from others in the country. It is also important to say that many people frommany countries live in Chicago, living their lives just as they were in the same land where they came from. Cultural is the best adjective for Chicago.
Alexis Emilio Escalante Vega
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