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INPV211 – VOA 12
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I. What are your plans for tomorrow? Put a (√ ) next to the things you are probablygoing to do. Put an X next to the things you are definitely not going to do.
* 1. Study
X 2. Go shopping
X 3. Sing songs
X 4. Cook for friends
* 5. Relax
X. 6. Climb a mountain
X 7. Drive abus
* 8. Stay at home
*. 9.Travel to Brazil
Write 4 sentences about your plans for tomorrow; consider the ones you are going to do and the ones that you are not going to do. Use verbs as:(hope to) – (want to) – (plan to) –(would like to) – (would love to) – (be going to) – (be + ing verb) – (will + verb). (8 points)

In the future would be a great professional and then have my ownhouse, I would like to work in a company in order to prevent ACCIDENTS workers, about my family, I have many plans to marry and live with my boyfriend

II. Read Anna´s diary and write full sentencesabout what she is doing each day. Use Present Continuous for future. (7 points)


1. On Sunday morning, Anna is visiting forest green Historic Park
2. On Monday, she is workingovertime to finish the report
3. On Tuesday at a 7:00 PM, Anna is see a playing whit Tony
4. On Wednesday night, she is watching the hockey game whit Kate and Sam
5. On Thursday, Anna is at 12:00noon have a barbecue
6. On Friday, Anna is staying home and watching the late show on TV
7. On Saturday Afternoon, Anna is going to an arts festival

III. There is one mistake in eachsentence. Correct the mistakes. (5 points)
1. I going to go to my mother’s house on Christmas.
2. My friend and I am (are) going to see a movie for her birthday.
3. Sheilla are visiting(going to visit) her dad tonight.
4. What you (will) are doing this evening?
5. I be (will) going to take a long trip next year.
IV. Use these ideas from the pictures to write 1 conversation...
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