Water development

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Special Topics in International Development I
Water & Development


Convenor: Professor Seungho Lee


CLASSES 09:00-11:45, Wednesdays
Room 217, International Studies Hall

OFFICE Room: 530, International Studies Hall
Email: seungholee@korea.ac.kr

Teaching AssistantMs Joohee Han (Room 220)
Email: hanjju777@hanmail.net


The purpose of this course is to provide an interdisciplinary introduction to international development discourses with special attention to water and development issues. Attention will be paid to outlining a conceptual framework addressing the relevant underlying ecological, political, economic andsociological principles in evaluating and managing water issues. The conceptual framework will also highlight the link between these principles and environmental and economic policies and finally the institutions and technologies through which such policies can be implemented. Relevant models from environmental science will be discussed and exemplified, including the tension implicit in addressingpriorities of utilizing renewable resources – water – ‘productively’ whereas implementing principles of sustainability simultaneously.


2,000 Word Literature Review 40%
Due on 20 April 2011

3,000 Word Essay 60%
Due on 15 June 2011


Week 1. Introduction to Water & Development (2 March)
• Course introduction
• Global water andsanitation issues
• Linkage between water and development issues

Week 2. Understanding about water - Hydrology (9 March)
• Basics of water - hydrology
• Different colours of water
• Who captures water?

Week 3. Political & Economic Perspectives on Water (16 March)
• Water flows uphill to money and power• Political ecology
• Water pricing

Week 4. Virtual Water (23 March)
• Invisible but most useful
• Water, food and trade nexus
• Political economy implications

Week 5. Social Perspectives on Water (30 March)
• Mary Douglas – Four ways of life
• Cultural theory
• Socialtheories

Week 6. IR & Int’l Law on Water (6 April)
• International Relations – Realism vs. regime theory
• International laws – does it work?
• Conflicts in transboundary rivers

Week 7. Three Gorges Dam in China (13 April)
• Development first, environment later?
• Political interests over sustainability
• Video– ‘China’s Water Challenge’ (Asian Development Bank)

Week 8. South North Water Transfer in China (27 April)
• Quenching the thirst of North China?
• For whom and what?
• Central vs. local governments

Week 9. Privatization in the Chinese Water Sector (4 May)
• Why Privatise? Economics of water
• Emerging Water Market• Case Study: Shanghai

Week 10. Water Sector Reform in Korea (11 May)
• Fragmented management
• River basin management – a new option
• Cultural theory – voices from society

Week 11. Cheonggye Stream Project in Korea (18 May)
• Origin of the project
• Development of critical issues
• Real story – urbanregeneration or political platform?

Week 12 Mekong River Project in Southeast Asia (25 May)
• Origin of the project
• Development of critical issues
• IR & Int’l law theory – any cooperation?

Week 13. Special Lecture (to be announced) (1 June)

Week 14. No Lecture (8 June)


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