Ways of looking

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Ways of Looking Vocabulary:

Blink: shut and open the 2 eyes quickly. How long can you stare without blinking?
Wink: close one eye briefly, as a signal to sby. He winked at me to show that he wasjust joking.
Squint: look with eyes half shut or turned sideways, or through a narrow opening (effort to see). She squinted through the letter-box and saw an envelope.

Browse: look through thepages of a book or magazine; look at the goods in a shop without really wanting to buy anything. Sheila spent all the afternoon browsing the boutiques.

Frown: look in a worried or angry way, movingdown the eyebrows together.

Gawk = gawp: stare impolitely. Many people gathered to gawp at the crashed car.

Gaze: look at sth for a long time, in surprise or admiration.
Gape: look at somethingwith one's mouth open. She gaped at him in surprise.

Glance: have a quick look at something. She glanced at her watch.
Glimpse: have a passing view of something or someone. Usually used in theexpression to catch a glimpse of. He could catch a glimpse of the president among the crowd.

Glare: stare angrily or fiercely. She didn't answered, but just glared silently at me.
Stare: look at sthfor a long time with the eyes wide open. She was staring into space.

Leer (-): look in an unpleasant way, suggesting ill will or lust. The man leered at the young girl.
Ogle: look or stare at sbysuggesting sexual interest (the person doesn’t notice that you’re looking). Most women hate being ogled at.

Look: to pay attention to what one is seeing. Look at that cute baby!
See: use the powerof sight. See! Here she comes!
Watch: look at some activity or event for a period of time; keep one's eyes fixed on something. The boys watched television all the afternoon.

Peep: look quickly andcautiously/secretively. To look through a narrow opening (you peep through a keyhole). He was caught peeping through the keyhole.
Peer: You’re not able to see well. Sth is in between, like the fog...
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