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  • Publicado : 27 de abril de 2011
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The Analysis Of Westjet's Company Personality
WestJet Airlines Ltd is a Canadian low-cost carrier based in Calgary, Alberta, that flies to most major cities in Canada and 11 cities in the UnitedStates. WestJet is the second-largest Canadian carrier behind Air Canada . The company's personality can be illustrated by its organizational structure, culture, values and the communication with thepublic and its employees.
The culture and structure of WestJet is very much entrepreneurial. There are few levels of management, keeping the organizational structure quite flat and encouraging people tofind solutions to issues. (!).Westjet's organizational structure includes informal communication, decentralized decision authority, flatter structures and less hierarchical relationship withindifferent management levels, which explain that the company's personality is organic and effective.
Communication is highly valued and encouraged from all levels of the organization, in keeping with ourcommitment to being honest and open with our people and our guests (1) Westjet communicate with employees by e-mail, internal postings and intranet. He also exchange ideas through memos, question andanswer documents. The weekly "What's New" document keeps every employee exposed to the fresh news within the corporation. In addition to, all of westjet people are encouraged to submit information forthe newsletter and other documents. All of these media of communication in westjet illuminate that it is an open-minded liberal, and equal opportunity employer.
Westjet has a unique corporate spirit:To enrich the lives of everyone in WestJet's world by providing safe, friendly and affordable air travel (2). In order to fulfill this company mission, westjet pursue to become one of the five mostsuccessful international airlines in the world by 2016, providing the guests with a friendly and caring experience that will change air travel forever.
Addition to caring to the guests, westjet...
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