What is an alien?

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What is an alien?
In popular culture and ufology, is called alien to every living being originates from somewhere outside of the Cosmos, outside the Earth or its atmosphere. Although the word alienis used to all that is foreign to earth, most people only have in mind when referring to beings from outer space. In general, intelligent extraterrestrial life is associated with the UFO phenomenon.With regard to the definitions of "alien" and "alien" is necessary to note that there is a difference between their definitions. Clearly alien, is a word created to explain in simple terms the originof these beings, it is popular to use the word alien to refer to extraterrestrial beings.

Aliens in ufology
During the twentieth century have greatly increased the stories of strange objects inthe heavens, these statements appear in such proportions that it comes in waves of UFOs in disparate times and places. This, together with the dissemination of in popular culture, promoted by someindividuals the idea that aliens are a phenomenon worthy of study and self discipline. However, this disagrees with those who consider aliens as a phenomenon for which there is no evidence that cannot berefuted and therefore cannot be a science on the subject, and really more interested in the stories of testimony of alleged witnesses and accepted as a truth that UFOs are manned by alien ships. In theopinion of exobiologists as well as some astronomers, it is very likely that life has arisen on other worlds, the reason for this is that the laws of physics and chemistry are the same everywhere.The events that gave rise to life on Earth, many believe they can be repeated elsewhere, where conditions resemble enough.

What is an UFO…?
Unidentified flying object (commonly abbreviated as UFO)is the popular term for any apparent aerial phenomenon whose cause cannot be easily or immediately identified by the observer.
The term UFO is popularly taken as a synonym for alien spacecraft and...
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