Why i laugh

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Rodriguez 1
Flo Rodriguez
English IB A1 SL
Why I laugh
Back when I was little my mom’s best friend and I used to go out in her jeep. I’ve always loved music and even though I was really young I used to listen to singers that were popular at the time. She used to put on my favorite CD and we’d drive around with the music playing as loud as possible and I’d sing along to every song andI just remember these car rides as if they had been yesterday just because I enjoyed them so much. At every traffic light she’d stop and make the car bounce and this would just make me crack up every time it happened up until today when they do it to my younger siblings when they’re in the car I get
Rodriguez 2
flashbacks of the moments when I was younger and I was the one enjoying them asmuch as they do now.
My family has always been very close and that has always been a big deal for me because I’ve lived in many different countries. Whenever we came back to visit during the summer breaks the whole family would get together in one house, we’d all share beds and it’d be chaos and just spending those moments for a couple of weeks together makes you realize that those are thepeople that will always be there for you. We’ve always been a lot of cousins from my mom’s and dad’s side so we’ve had the opportunity to share our childhood with other kids also, and therefore we were able to do tons of things and activities when we got together in the summer. There would always be that one day where all the younger kids would prepare sketches to show to the adults, and I includemyself in that because I once participated in those, too. Later on the kids would play outside while it’d get darker and at night everyone would ask my mom to take out the guitar, it would take ages until she did but they’d always convince her. It just meant so much to everyone to be there singing to songs everyone knew, songs that had a history, that had a meaning behind them, we could all sit thereall night and just have my mom play the guitar and sing and hear her beautiful voice and us try to somehow sing as nice as she can. The jokes, the songs, the shows, the food, just everything that was shared during these moments is something that will stay not just with me forever but with everyone I shared those moments with, and it’s so amazing to know that a moment as important as it feels forme feels just as important to someone else because you can just tell by that shine in someone’s
Rodriguez 3
eyes when they’re living a special moment, that it’s one of those moments that isn’t going to be forgotten that easily.
A few months ago I ended up in the hospital and for a long time no one knew what was going on with me and where this was going to end. This feeling of not knowinganything and just waiting around in a bed and having nurses take blood samples and doctors come in and out of my room all day to look at me and examinate me, was all just so horrible. I can’t even begin to describe what I feels like to think that maybe one day and a day sooner that you expect it to be your days on this earth could be over, it’s a feeling I really do not wish upon anyone. It getsscary and you feel lonely, not because people aren’t there for you but because you feel like you’re the only one living this feeling. During this part of my life I just remember it getting harder and harder for me to laugh. But I do remember this one time when I was in a lot of pain and they would give me pretty strong drugs for pain like morphine and ketamine and those types of drugs so the nursecame in and gave me the drugs. Later on when it started its effect I would always talk a lot, I remember these were the only times where I would talk for ages and I would talk nonsense and I’m not really sure my mom remembers this moment but I remember it perfectly. I started repeating myself over and over again and my mom for a moment just laughed and she just made me laugh, too, and that moment...
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