Work breakdown structure

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The work breakdown structure identifies all the tasks in a project; in fact, a WBS is sometimes referred to simply as a task list. The WBS uses outputs from projectdefinition and risk management and identifies the tasks that are the foundation for all subsequent planning. Either way, they list the various tasks involved, designing and putting in a new lawn with asprinkler system, surrounded by a new fence, involves a number of different tasks. Paints a picture that makes it easy to understand all the parts of a project, is more practical because you can listhundreds of tasks.
The WBS breaks all the work in the project into separate tasks, there are two kinds of tasks on a WBS: summary tasks and work packages. Install the sprinkler system for a lawn is asummary task, because it includes several subordinate tasks.
A good WBS makes it easy for everyone on the project to understand his or her role and it makes managing the project much easier too.
WBS stepone: begin at the top. - Naming all the tasks required to create the deliverables named in the statement of work (SOW). Begin the breakdown process by listing either the major deliverables or thehigh-level tasks from the scope statement on the first tier.
WBS step two: name all the tasks required to produce deliverables. – The next step is to break down each task into the lower-level, detailedtasks required to produce the product.
WBS step three: how to organize the WBS. – Once all the work packages are identified, it is possible to rearrange them in different ways.
Because is easy toread, people often assume that it’s also easy to write, however, is a false assumption, here are three criteria for a successful WBS.
1. The WBS must be broken down starting at the top: It is atop-down decomposition. You need to make sure your work packages are subsets of your summary tasks.
2. Work package must add up to the summary task: One of the most frustrating planning mistakes is...
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