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Unit 1
Activity 1: Complete each conversation with the correct form of the verb that its goingto be used for each one.
Simple verbs: for completed actions or permanent situations:
Simple present: What kind of music do you listen to? - I listen to Jazz music all the time.
Present perfect:Have you lived in another country? - No, I’ve never lived in another country.
Simple past: what did you do for your last birthday? - I went to my house and had a big party.

Continuous verbs:for ongoing actions or temporary situations.
Present Progressive: What kind of music are you listening to? - I am listening to Jazz music.
Present perfect progressive: How long have you been livinghere? - I have been living here for 5 years.
Past progressive: What were you doing at this time yesterday? - I was having dinner with my friends.

1) EAT
Chista: you look great! What is yoursecret?
Julia: thanks, I_________________________ a lot of vegetables and fruits lately. And I always _______________________ six small meals a day. I just _________________________________ forlunch.
Victor: how long _______________________you ______________________ poetry?
Kim:: uuum. I guess I ______________________poetry for about 4 years.
I _______________________ almostevery day if I can. Yesterday I ________________________ for almost 3 hours without stopping.

Activity 2: Write the questions using the correct verb form. Then write true answers about yourself.
1)You/ like to take/ a lot of photos/?
Do you like to take a lot of photos? Yes, I take a lot of photos.
2) How long/you/have/a camera/?_________________________________________________________________________________________________________
3) your parents/ take/ many photos of you/ when you were a child/?____________________________________________________________

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