World war 2

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Mariel coppola #4
HOMEWORK due for Thursday, May 17
1. What was the “SS” and what role did they play in Hitler’s regime?
The SS(Shutzstaffel) or Praetorian Guard was Hitler's personal bodyguardunit. Constructed after the takeover of Germany, the SS was led by SS-Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler who inducted ceremonial rites and codes into the military division. On the Night of the LongKnives, the SS was used to murder Chief of Staff of the SA Ernst Rohm and other high SA officials. Afterwards, the SS was the primary fighting force and military power of the Nazi regime. The menincorporated into the SS were the "elite". The SS was based on absolute loyalty to the Fuhrer.

2. What was the “Gestapo”, and what role did it play in Hitler’s regime?
The Gestapo was the official secretpolice of Hitler's Nazi Germany. Its name is a contraction of Geheime Staatspolizei which means Secret State Police in English. It was a part of the Schutzstaffel or the SS. The Gestapo played apivotal role in preserving Hitler's position in Germany, unleashing merciless brutality on any opposition, like for instance, the peaceful student protestors of the White Rose Group. Arbitrary arrests andswift executions became the order of the day under the Gestapo.

3. What was a “Stormtrooper”, and what role did they play in Hitler’s regime?
Stormtroopers were specially trained Germanforces used in the First World War to break holes into enemy lines. The stormtroopers later served as the foundation for the Sturmabteilung, a Nazi paramilitary force also known as the SA.Stormtroopers were known for being extremely brutal, aggressive, and highly skilled, and many Germans idolized them, treating them as heroes and describing them as “a new kind of man.”
The development ofstormtrooper forces began as early as 1915, when the Germans realized that they needed a customized force to deal with trench warfare, and they devised the concept of “shock troops,” troops which would...
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