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An article is a piece of writing designed to appeal to a specific audience (aimed at being published in a newspaper or magazine) and stating the author’sclear point of view on a topic.



✓ Figure out who your audience is.

✓ Create an outline of your article.

✓ Give your article a title.

✓ Use clear paragraphs.✓ Include an introduction as well as a conclusion.

Important features

✓ Make sure you consider your audience in the style of writing you use.

✓ Formulate a catchy, interestingtitle to arouse your readers’ interest.

✓ Capture your readers’ eye by directly addressing them.

✓ Use a lively style.

✓ Ask rhetorical questions to get your readers’ attention.✓ Give examples where appropriate to support your arguments.

Useful phrases

Rhetorical questions:
✓ Is this really true?
✓ Can we rely on this fact?
✓ Have you ever(experienced/thought of/seen) …?
✓ Are you one of those people who …?
✓ What do you think about …?

Phrases for structuring the text:
✓ Let’s start with…/To begin with…
✓ Let’s justimagine some of the problems/possibilities/dangers…
✓ Let’s have a close look at these arguments/aspects/negative effects…
✓ We must not forget to mention/point out/look at…
✓ Let’ssummarize/To sum up/In conclusion…

Phrases for emphasizing the writer-reader-relationship:
✓ I am sure you will agree/share my opinion…
✓ If you ask me…
✓ I am convinced you will supportmy viewpoint/will understand what I am driving at …
✓ Guess what!/Believe it or not! (more colloquial)


✓ language depending on target audience (type of newspaper/magazine)✓ for popular articles: colloquial style, informal language, short sentences, personal tone, shortened verb forms, phrasal verbs, slang possible

✓ for more serious articles: more formal...
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