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>> When speaking about SINGULAR INDEFINITE COUNTABLE NOUNS, we use
the ARTICLES "a" and "an". We use "a" before NOUNS or ADJECTIVES that begin with a CONSONANT SOUND. We use "an" before NOUNS or ADJECTIVES that begin with a VOWEL SOUND:

-I am a person. --------------------------- (One of many people).
-She is a good doctor. ----------------- (One of manygood doctors).
-That is an airplane. --------------------- (One of many airplanes).
-I use a computer to write. ----------- (One of many computers).
-He works in an office. ----------------- (One of many offices).
-He lives in a big house. --------------- (One of many big houses).

>> When speaking about jobs, we normally use "a" and "an":-What is your father? ------------------ -He is a businessman (One of many businessmen).
-What does your sister do? ---------- -She is a teacher (One of many teachers).
-What is your uncle? ------------------- -He is the king (There is only one king!).

>> When identifying something as part of a group, we use "a" and "an":

-What is that? ------------------------------------It is a horse.
-What kind of horse is it? -------------------- -It is a race horse.
-What is a table? ------------------------------ -A table is a piece of furniture.


-We are people. -They are good doctors.
-Those are airplanes. -I use computers to write.-They work in offices. -They live in big houses.

-What are they? ---------------------------- -They are businessmen.
-What are those? -------------------------- -They are horses.
-What kind of horses are they? ------- -They are race horses.

>> We usually use "a" before words that begin with "h":

• a history • a huge monster
• aheavenly dessert • a house

>> But there are some exceptions. If the "h" is not pronounced, we use "an":

• an hour • an heir
• an honor • an honest man

>> We never use "a" or "an" with UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS.


>> When speaking about definite or particularthings, we use the article "the":

-That is the sun. --------------------------------- The sun is unique.
-That is the moon. ----------------------------- There is only one moon.
-That is the fastest airplane. ---------------- There is only one fastest airplane.
-The sky is blue. ------------------------------------------------------ There is only one sky.-She is the doctor to go to. -----------------------------------------She is a particular doctor.
-He works in the main office. ----------------------------------- He works in a particular office.
-The stars are beautiful. ------------------------------------------ There is only one group of stars.
-The rings on your fingers are gold and silver------------- Aparticular group of rings
-The students in my class are lazy. --------------------------- A particular group of students
-The books on the table are his. ------------------------------ A particular group of books

>> At first we use "a" and "an"; then when something is identified, we use "the":

-What is that? ----------------------------- -It is a horse.
-Whatkind of horse is it? -------------- -It is a race horse.
-Which race horse is it? ---------------- -It is the race horse that loses all races.
-Is it a slow race horse? ---------------- -It is the slowest race horse in the world.

-What is that? ----------------------------- -It is a building.
-What building is it? --------------------- -It is the Police Department.
-Is that the...
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