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Escuela Internacional Sampedrana

Grade 8 Earth Science-Bimester 1

Instructor: Diana Rowell Email: drowell@seishn.com Room: E18

|Course Description |

This course is designed to guide students in investigations of the world around them. The classwill work through how science and various Earth systems work. Students will develop their interpersonal and communication skills through group and cooperative learning projects. We will focus on the connections between the science in our textbook and the science relevant to our everyday lives.

|What will I know and be able to do by the end of the first bimester?|

❖ Nature of Science and Measurement

• Work cooperatively in groups

• Distinguish between scientific and nonscientific ideas

• Identify the parts of an experiment

• Design and conduct an entire experiment

•Evaluate experiments and identifying sources of error.

❖ Earth’s Structure

• Describe earth’s history

• Describe the structure of the earth and how it formed

• Explain plate tectonic theory and its results throughout Earth’s history

|What Activities will I participate in the first Bimester?|

Mini-Labs Lab Demonstrations Activities

Group Discussions Problem Solving Activities Group Work

Problem Solving Experimental Design Class Discussions

Critical Thinking Evidence Analysis Graphing

Scientific Writing Projects

Project Definition - One assignmentcompleted over at least a one week period in sequential steps. Individual parts of the project may be completed at home, while group components are completed in the classroom.

|What evidence will I present to show that I have accomplished these tasks? |

❖ I will follow the agreed upon group and classnorms.
❖ I will describe why or why not a topic is testable by science.
❖ I will design, conduct, and report on an experiment
❖ I will do my best when I take quizzes and tests, and follow all instructions during test- taking procedures.
❖ I will arrive on time to class; will sit in my assigned seat with all my materials ready.
❖ I will respect my classmates andteacher at all times

How will I be evaluated?
The evaluation criteria are as follows:

|5% Participation |5% Notebook |
|15% Lab Work |5% Lab Participation |
|25% Tests/Quizzes|25% Daily Work and Homework |
|20% Quarter Exam | |

|Dates for Tests and Quizzes- Tentative|

These dates will be posted on EDLINE well in advance to the assessment date.


|Rules for Homework, Research Papers, and Labs |

❖ Homework will be handed in during the following classroom period unless...
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