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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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xzibit : hey yow yow yow, it’s your boy xzibit and welcome to pimp my trike
(song) ...
-in today’s show we are gonna pimp jakes trike, im shure he`s gonna be surprised
osea (jakesvideo)
-heyim jake morrison and this ...is my ride
this is a classic trike that use to stand out on the ride but now, its a shame
-i love my trike, i love the shape , i love the shape and specially the color.I hope xzibit picks me to make shinne my trike , so please xzibit...pimp my trike
ese es el primer acto
el segundo acto
xzibit: ohhh mann look at this trike its a total disaster, the paint isa mess and the brakes are in the worst stade I’ve ever seen,
-i respect this its kindda retro.
- but this is to much talking lets surprise jake
jake: yeees !! yeeeeeees!!! oh my god, yeeees!!!xzbit: hahaha
-baby ive come here to pimp your ride
- so explain me this dude, its nasty!
jake: haha, i have had a couple of accidents with my trike, the brakes are damaged and the wheels arecomplitly weared.
xzibit: i can see that haha
jake : yea yea
xzibit: all right mr jake give me the keys its time to pimp your trike
-imout of here
jake : see you
ese es el fin del segundo actoel tercer acto
xzibit: hey, carly
look what i have here for you
carly: are you kidding me xzibit ?
- this is disgusting , let me see what we can do
ese es el tercer acto
cuarto acto
(1hour later)
(carly calls xzibit)
carly: okey, xzibit im gonna paint it in a way its gonna light the streets, im putting some flames in the sides , a pair of new brakes and a skull in the frontxzibit: ok do what you do best
(time is passing)
( 3 days later)
xzibit: woooow you have done an amazing job dude
-but clean it jakes is on hes way , he will be here soonjake: woooow amazing it remembers me my father , he is gonna be proud of me when he sees this trike, thanks xzibit, and thanks carly for pimping out my trike
xzibit: youre oficcially pimped so get...
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