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1.Title: The Fighting Ground
Author: Avi

2.Setting: woods, battlefield (road), abandoned house
Time Period: April 3 to April 4, 1778

3. The main character to this story is a young boynamed Jonathan. He is 13, looking forward to becoming a soldier, and open-minded about war and how it will change his life. Other characters in this book are Jonathan’s father, Corporal, and the threeHessian soldiers.
Jonathan’s father is an ill man who is injured from his personal experience in the war. The Corporal is very demanding and rude towards his army, although; later in the story hebecomes kind and thoughtful. Also, the three Hessian soldiers are all very different. One is very young (about 17 years old) and considerate. The other is tall, quiet, and has a scare on his face. Thethird soldier who is the oldest is extremely mysterious and has a mustache.

4. In the story The Fighting Ground there is a boy named Jonathan who knows he’s ready to fight the Hessians (British) andcan’t wait to be a soldier as his brother and cousin before him. One early morning the tavern bells ring, calling all the men of the village to war. Jonathan doesn’t ask for permission from hisfather and simply goes. Then him and about thirteen other soldiers go to battle led by the Corporal.
Once they reach their destination they set up formation to attack as the Hessians approach. All of asudden an American soldier accidently fires his musket and that’s when the war truly begins. Few Americans got injured but one or two did die. Other than that they were victorious in their battle.Suddenly everyone disappears once the smoke cleared and Jonathan was left alone. He starts running when he realizes the British men coming after him but unfortunately he gets captured.
The Hessians thentake him as their prisoner. They start walking in a direction unfamiliar to Jonathan when they come upon a small house with an even smaller shed on the side. While there the Jonathan finds a young...
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