A celebration of grandfathers

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English Essay


“A Celebration of Grandfathers”
by Rudolfo Anaya

In the story “A Celebration of Grandfathers” by Rudolfo Anaya we can observe how the author sharesthe lessons about life that he learned from his beloved grandmother and grandfather. In this essay I will talk about demonstrate that everyone of us should he closer respect to the relationshipsbetween us and our grandfathers or the older adults, and by doing this we could have a good example to imitate.

First of all, this is a reflective essay and a memoir written in 1st person, where Anayashares the lessons about life that he learned from his beloved grandmother and the old values that learned from his grandfather. The author utilizes two of the main types of writing, these areexpository, persuasive, descriptive, reflective, narrative and others; in this text demonstrates elements of narrative, reflective and persuasive writing.

The Persuasive writing is the writing that seeks toalter how readers think or believe, and in this text According to researchers and to Anaya, the relationship between Parents and grandparents is critical in helping build a strong relationshipbetween child and grandparent, so he want to strengthen this relationship through this text; the Reflective writing shares the writer’s inner thoughts and feelings, these are the point of view that he hasrespect to his grandfather that is respectful / honoring; the narrative writing: tells a sequence of events often to reveal the writer’s own personality or suggest meaningful conclusions about life.Narrative writing is most often characterized by first person point of view, in this case the first person is the author and he thinks that the younger generation should Respect the older generation,so he set up all the setting to prove that he did so.

At the very beginning of the lecture, starts with a little dialog: “Buenos dias le de Dios Abuelo”, that shows the respect that he has to his...
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