A marriage between greed and modern society

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  • Publicado : 9 de junio de 2010
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A Marriage Between Greed and Modern Society

Before writing and thinking about a thesis statement, I was reading a series of conferences that were delivered from 2001 to 2002 at the University of New York. This has been my base and my interest to write this text in line with what I have experienced in life and what I am. Thus, the background of what I will say is exactly my knowledge and myart. These words are not only who you are reading right now but they are also the world I perceive. This is a world full of greed, but this sentence should not be taken as something negative because as the world is full of greed it is also full of art, although there is a common intention in order to be a great fish but the most important thing is that there is a human attitude to solve it.

For methe story is also art because I enjoy it. So, I want to start writing something about. The seven deadly sins were pronounced for the first time in the fourth century by Evagrius Ponticus. As soon as he defines greed, he is concerned because greed is the mother and source of pride, envy, gluttony, lust and anger. In fact, the major religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Maoism, etc. have seengreed as the greatest misfortune in which humanity can fall. The concept of sin has always been linked to its context. The previous words of Evagrius Ponticus really are the conscience of the time, exactly as happens in these times; everyone knows that sin is something negative but also has its positive reasons. According to Phyllis A. Tickle who adopts a broad perspective to say that we livethanks to the complexity of sins, without which human could never rest, nor eat, procreate, or building, not even aspire to be something. Nor we would consume neither drugs nor we would waste food, or suffer an epidemic of AIDS. Nor we would kill, steal or lie. In other words, without them we would not be human.

However, when we are human in that nature which is concerned by Phyllis A. Tickle we arefilled of comfort and tranquility, we are familiar with this world and these times we live in, but whoever accept in its own life greed, hatred and delusion prevents itself to live in dignity and fair conditions. Take as an example someone who tries to teach you something about the spirit of God and that someone had been an alcoholic.  You feel comfortable relaxed and familiar with him becauseyou also wish that other people feel good about yourself in the hypothetical case that you had been an alcoholic and now you are teaching about the spirit of God. This image is the only concept that governs the respect for the others. We don’t respect someone who has never had problems with some vice; he is not respected because that “someone” exists neither in our society nor in our thinking. Wealways are giving reasons, naturalizing it and even we are giving certain uses of sin, vice, or whatever you want to call it.

I really enjoy using images like the one I used in the previous paragraph because that's the kind of art with which I see the world. So I'm going to use a couple of images to express the charge of avarice that makes up these times in which we live. But first of all, I wantto give a true picture. Remember the painting called "Big Fish Eat Little Fish" made by Pieter Brueghel in 1556. The prophetic Pieter Brueghel study represents a fish on the beach so great that one of the fishermen need a ladder to climb over him while another fisherman uses a sword longer than him to open the abdomen of dead fish. By the gaping wound surfaces a variety of sea creatures and alsoof his mouth go out hundreds of fish, many of them dying and I see things exactly as observed in reality.

Professor J. Bradford DeLong of the University of California wrote an essay titled "Robber Barons" explaining the causal conditions that underlie the disproportionate accumulation times of personal wealth. So the first picture is this: In the year 1998 1000 millions of dollars were a...
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