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Biography of Clive Staples Lewis



Clive Staples Lewis was born in Belfast, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland on November 29, 1898. His father was Albert James Lewis(1863-1929). His mother was Florence Augusta Lewis (1862 - 1908) was the daughter of a priest of the Church of Ireland.
At the age of four year, shortly after his dog died Jacksie hit by a car Lewisannounced that his name would be Jacksie. Then he agreed to be called Jack. When I was seven, his family moved to "Little Lea", in Strandtown area, east of Belfast.

At first Lewis was teachingthrough private tutors before being sent to the Wynyard School in Watford, Hertfordshire, in 1908, just before his mother died. The biographer Alan Jacobs speculated that the atmosphere of deeplytraumatized Wynyard Lewis and was responsible to develop "slightly sadomasochistic fantasies." After Wynyard closed, Lewis attended Campbell College. But after a few months left to attend. As a result of hisillness, Lewis was sent to the people of Malvern who had a more salubrious climate, where he attended preparatory school Cherbourg House

In September 1913, Lewis enrolled at Malvern College for 15years abandoned the Christian faith of his childhood, and became an atheist interested in mythology and the occult. After leaving Malvern he moved to study privately with William T. Kirkpatrick, theformer tutor of his father and former rector of Lurgan College.
Lewis had a fascination with anthropomorphic animals, falling in love with the stories of Beatrix Potter

Conversion to ChristianityAlthough raised in a religious family of the Church of Ireland, Lewis was an atheist most of his youth. His separation from Christianity began when he began to see religion as a chore and a duty. Italso acquired interest in the occult as his studies took him to it. In 1929 he came to believe in the existence of God, but fought fiercely against it.
In 1931, after a long discussion with...
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